Greg Shaw, Ph.D.

Greg Shaw

Professor of Political Science

Ph.D., Columbia University, 1998

Greg Shaw teaches courses on public opinion, political psychology, American social policy, Congress, the American presidency, and intellectual history in political science. His research interests include public opinion and polling, American welfare policy, and political psychology. He is the author of The Welfare Debate (Greenwood Press, 2007), a history of welfare policies and the debate surrounding them in the U.S.; The Healthcare Debate (Greenwood Press/ABC-CLIO Publishers, 2010), which analyzes the debate over government involvement in healthcare provision and finance in the U.S.; and The Dysfunctional Politics of the Affordable Care Act (Praeger, 2017), which brings new understanding of lawmakers’ motivations in crafting the legislation.

Greg Shaw's Curriculum Vitae

101-American National Government Syllabus

230-The American Presidency

281-American Social Policy Syllabus

318-Schools and Sects in the Study of Politics Syllabus

340-Public Opinion & Political Behavior Syllabus

341-Congress and the Legislative Process Syllabus

415-Senior Seminar in American Politics Syllabus