1. Post-Graduation:
    Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program (ILSIP).

  2. Current Career:
    Illinois House Republican staff member.

    Along with other staffers, I complete various tasks for representatives, analyze legislation, and staff committees. This allows me to play an important role in the legislative process. Furthermore, those interns who are accepted to the LRU are able to conduct research assignments at the request of legislators.

  3. Some of the Rewards and Challenges of this Position:
    ILSIP, in addition to providing a salary, also counts for credit hours towards an MA. The internship itself counts for 8 credit hours.

    Staff members have gone out of their way to introduce me to lobbyists and legislators. They have also taken me, along with other interns, on trips to state facilities so that we may better understand how state funds are distributed. With the recent controversy surrounding Illinois government, the projects that I have been assigned have felt especially important.

  4. Your most Exciting or Worthwhile Experience in this Position:
    Just last week, I drafted my first House resolution!

    As a part of the program, interns take a seminar course about Illinois government. We frequently have guest speakers in class who really provide inside information into the operations of government. Speakers have included former Governor Jim Edgar, former State Representative Tom Ryder, author Taylor Pensoneau, and several lobbyists.