This chapter of College Democrats, started in 1993, is a union of students determined to fulfill the hope of the American Dream for everyone, through education of the student body and support of the Democratic Party.  It is an organization active both on and off campus: organizing debates, sponsoring speakers, working to elect Democratic candidates, and promoting liberal and progressive Democratic ideals at Illinois Wesleyan. Recently, IWU's chapter of College Democrats has worked on local political campaigns, hosted discussions on current events and the presidential race and hosted viewings of political films.

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College Republicans is an organization of students dedicated to spreading conservative values at the grassroots level both on campus and in the local community.  On campus activities include bringing in speakers to talk about either their beliefs or their campaigns.  Off campus, College Republicans do charity work, particularly in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Association.  They also work on various campaigns, fundraisers, etc.  Each year the organization participates in the state College Republican Convention. Recently, College Republicans sent Christmas packages to soldiers in Iraq, hosted speakers on the state of the Republican party in Illinois, sent students to the CPAC Conference in Washington, D.C. and hosted viewings of political films in Beckman Auditorium.

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Amnesty International is a 30-year-old worldwide human rights organization.  It has helped in the last three decades to put human rights on the work agenda.  Amnesty works for three major goals: 1) the unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience, 2) fair and prompt trials for political prisoners, 3) an end to torture and death penalty wherever they exist.  Amnesty is nonpartisan, apolitical, does not accept money from any government, and has no religious or ideological affiliation.  The Illinois Wesleyan chapter was founded in 1992.

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Each Spring semester, students from the state of Illinois participate in the Model Illinois Government simulation. The simulation takes place in Springfield, Illinois, the State Capital, and runs from a Thursday to the following Sunday. The previous gathering involved 22 Colleges and Universities throughout the state and almost 300 students. The simulation is structured for a legislative simulation and a moot court competition. Students choose among various roles including:  legislator, lobbyist, journalist, attorney, judge, and numerous positions of party, committee and chamber  leadership. Awards are presented at the end of the simulation and students may also campaign for executive leadership roles (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, etc.) in order to take a more active role in the organization of the simulation. In 2008, Illinois Wesleyan sent a delegation of 16 students who participated in the Senate, House of Representatives, Office of Management and Budget and Moot Court.

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The Midwest Model United Nations (MMUN) is an all-collegiate organization dedicated to the concept of a "Venture in Practical Education." It is designed to furnish a structure and forum for students to work with the most pressing international issues from a perspective outside of the classroom, and thus broaden their awareness of the world of politics. Representing the role of another nation's delegation to the United Nations, students further realize the difficulties and complexities of international relations. The Conference has three goals: to promote interest and understanding of the nations of the world; to help students gain a broader perspective of global issues and the role of the United Nations in world politics; and to encourage investigation into the field of international studies.

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The Articles of Incorporation of Pi Sigma Alpha state as one of its purposes "to stimulate scholarship and intelligent interest in political science." The society functions at the national level, sponsoring programs and events of value to the profession and teaching of political science, and at the chapter level. Each chapter is encouraged to provide a framework for enriching the exposure of its members and the wider university community to the study of government and issues of public concern. In January 2008, Pi Sigma Alpha hosted a mock presidential debate in which students portrayed the candidates, followed by dinner to watch the State of the Union address. PSA also sponsored cash prizes for the best submissions to Res Publica, the undergraduate political science journal.

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The IWU Student Senate , which represents all IWU students, is composed of elected representatives from each of the living units (on the basis of population) and from off-campus, in addition to executive officers and committee and commission chairpersons with specialized responsibilities.  Its standing commissions are concerned with academic affairs, the Student Union, media, and student welfare and human relations.  They provide educational programs, speakers, films, religious activities, representation in the process of academic and social policy changes, and other services.  The Student Senate budget, totaling more than $200,000 annually, is completely controlled by the Senate.  Students sit on numerous faculty and all-university committees and are regularly invited to meet with the university's Board of Trustees and its committees.

Titan Law Club is open to all majors and all academic classes of students.  Primarily, the Club promotes undergraduate students' interest in the field of law and/or attending law school.  Meetings are arranged around social events or speakers such as judges, professional lawyers, professors, and past students.  Also, the Law Club attends various conferences and forums held by and for law schools around the country.  Dr. Dave Marvin serves as the student faculty advisor.  Come join us!

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