Celebrating the 21st Edition of Res Publica!

Department Chair Greg Shaw Celebrates the Publishing of the 21st edition of Res Publica

Res Publica Editors and Cover Art Artist Editorial Board 21st Edition of Res Publica

 Left to Right: Professor Shaw, Austin Aldag('16), Melissa Guzman('16)

This page is dedicated to the social life of our students and faculty.  The CLA 200 lab is where political science research assistants spend a considerable amount of time. 


See former lab assistants here:

     2012-2013 Political Science Lab Assistants

     2011-2012 Political Science Lab Assistants


Unraveling Inequality: Illinois Wesleyan Course Cluster, 2013-14
This theme for the current school year includes a cluster of courses that explore human rights and social justice.  Instructors plan a joint series of activities to expose students to a variety of human rights issues and the lived experiences that make these issues real and important.  For a list of these courses offered, click here.  In addition, the Action Research Center is offering a grant for a popular new community development initiative.  To read more about this, see this article


The annual political science brunch is a great day for parents to meet the teachers who have educated their children. 

     2011 Graduation and Brunch

Many alumni then go on to bigger and better things in the field of political science after graduation. 

     Alumni Around the World