Physics 495 - Directed Study

Individualized directed readings on a topic of interest to the student which is not normally part of the curriculum. The work may include a laboratory component. It may also include the requirement for the preparation of a significant paper which brings together the results of the study.

Offered: Each semester.

Physics 499 - Research/Thesis

Experimental or theoretical examination of an unsolved problem on a topic of interest to the student and cooperating faculty member. A significant paper detailing the findings of the investigation is expected at the conclusion of the work. During a single semester, a student may choose to earn either 1/2 or 1 unit of course credit (with the consent of the cooperating faculty member). Physics 499 may be repeated for a maximum of two units.

Prerequisite: Consent of the department head and the research supervisor.

Offered: Each semester.

Physics 495 (Directed Study) and Physics 499 (Research/Thesis) have provided valuable instruction and experience for many students. Regardless of what your research or reading topic is and whom you choose as your supervisor, the following rules normally apply:

(1) Each Reading or Research program must include a very significant amount of physics.

(2) Each Reading or Research program must not include topics covered at a similar level in regular courses.

(3) Write a description of your planned program and have it approved and signed by your supervisor.

(4) The supervisor is normally a member of the Illinois Wesleyan Teaching Faculty. He/she may also be a member of the Teaching Faculty of other institutions, such as ISU, but this requires prior approval by the Chair, Dr. Narendra K. Jaggi.

(5) Return the signed description to Dr. Jaggi (CNS 007) for his approval before registration. Please note that Dr. Jaggi, not your supervisor, must give final approval.

(6) The minimum time commitment for one unit of credit is 12.5 hours per week. However, beyond this minimum, grading will be on the basis of accomplishment.