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Need to update your password?

1.      Go to

2.      Enter your email address and enter newuser as the password.

3.      The system should prompt the user to enter a new password.

4.      Once the new password has been successfully reset, go back to and enter the email and the new login password.

5.      If this doesn’t work, the other option is to click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page. This will ask for the user’s email and then send a reset password email with a link to reset the password.

6.      Again, go back to to login.

7.      After these steps, if still having trouble logging in, try clearing cookies and cache in the web browser. To quickly access this setting, click Ctrl + Shift + Delete. Then choose to clear cookies and cache data going back as far as possible.

You can also use the MD Requester Guide for more information or Contact SchoolDude

MD - Request Guide

Request Links

School Dude

Maintenance Request Handbook

(For Technician's Only)
Inventory Request

Maintenance Direct

Work Order Requests

Physical Plant now accepts online work order requests using a system called MySchoolBuilding. To login and submit a work order request for the first time, simply click on MySchoolBuilding and when prompted enter:

You will then be asked to submit other information (first name, phone number) for your account. Once you have logged in the first time, you will be able to simply use your email address to log in with on subsequent visits.

When you are ready to submit a request or change any settings you will be asked for the submittal password. Please refer to the Maintenance Requester Handbook for our password.

In order to more quickly respond to work requests, students need to enter work orders with the Purpose Code " Student Requests ."  All other requests should be submitted as "General Maintenance."



How do I use MySchoolBuilding?

View the training videos or the handbooks below to learn how to use the system.

Maintenance Requester Training Video

Site Administrator Training Video

Click here to view the Maintenance Requester Handbook (PDF) to get started.

Click here to view the Site Administrator Handbook (PDF) to get started.

After viewing the instructions, click on any of the MySchoolBuilding links to begin.

What does MySchoolBuilding do for me?

MySchoolBuilding gives YOU control of your maintenance service requests. 

Doesn't using MySchoolBuilding make more work for me?
No!  Once you've registered for MySchoolBuildingit won't take you any longer to submit a service request than it would take you to send an email message with the same information.  The process is simple...

MySchoolBuilding does the rest.  Your call is automatically assigned and routed to the appropriate Physical Plant staff member, and you begin to receive system-generated emails relating to your call.  From start to finish - you are in the loop.