Physical Plant

Metrics and KPI reports


KPI Report Revision Date: October 18th 2016

Average Inventory In Stock Per Student Per Year

Total Costs of On Hand Quantity divided by total number of students.  

 Average Inventory in Stock per Student per Year

Work Order Completed In Less Than a Week

 Percentage of routine work orders completed in less than seven days  

Precentage of Work Orders Completed in Less than a Week

PM Workorder to WorkOrder

M&O resources are dedicated to PM vs Reactive work

Ratio of PM Work Orders to Work Orders

Percentage of PM's with equipment

Percentage of PM Schedules that are associated with at least one equipment record

Percentage of PMs with equipment

Value of Inventory In Stock

Total Value of inventory kept in stock

Value of Inventory In Stock

Work Order From Request Portals

Percentage of total Work Order requests submitted from the My School Building on-line request website vs. entered by operational staff.

Precentage of Work Orders from Request Portals

Percentage of PM WO's Completed in a Month or Less

This metric is a measurement of the responsiveness of proactive work.  An above average measurement here leads to higher productivity and a decrease in backlog. 

Percentage of PM WOs Completed In A Month Or Less