Facilities Access Control Policy

Please review our Facilities Access Control Policy 

If you need a key, consult with your Key Coordinator down below for your Building and make a request on Asset Essentials

We will not issue new keys until the old keys are returned and logged.

Key Coordinators by Building -Revised May 5th 2021

Building Coordinator Phone Extension
Ames Library Katy Ritter 3172
Ames Art Amy Burk 3077
Buck Hall Carolyn Nadeau  3332
Campus Safety Mark Welker 3169
Carriage House Thomas Olsen 3900
Chapel - -
CLA Tracy Tiritilli 3420
CNS Nicole Starcevich 3060
Drama Annex Kelly Ullom 3011
ESports Andrew Reddington 3276
Gates Fricke & Gates I Doug Meyer 3991
Greek Halls Kevin Carey 3850
Hansen Student Center Kevin Carey 3850
Holmes Hall Nancy Rinda 3527
IT House Shawna Walsh 3262
Memorial Center Michelle Wu 3591
Misc. Buildings Rory McGuire 3066
Physical Plant & Heat Plant Rory McGuire 3066
Presser/Music Jane Smolen 3062
Residence Halls  Doug Meyer 3991
Shaw Hall Kelly Ullom 3011
Shirk/Fort Nat/Fields Mike Wagner 3341
State Farm Hall Kara Miller 3171
Stevenson Mitzi Timan 3051
Theater Kelly Ullom 3011
Titan Print and Mail Carrie Hymer 3712
Welcome Center Shannon Wisecup 2609
Wilder Hall Michelle Wu 3591