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Physical Plant

Custodial Department


Image of Dave Shiers
Dave Shiers

Manager of Custodial Services

Contact: dshiers

Image of Donna Baird
Donna Baird

Assistant Manager of Custodial Services

Contact: dbaird

Image of Dale Conover
Dale Conover

Assistant Manager of Custodial Services

Contact: dconover



 Custodial Staff

Image of Mark Albright
Mark Albright

Custodian: 1st Shift, CNS

Contact: malbrigh

Image of  Kim Barnes
 Kim Barnes

 Custodian: 1st Shift, Blackstock/English Office

Contact: kbray

Image of Maria Barnes
Maria Barnes

Custodian: 1st Shift, Kemp Hall

Contact: mbarnes

Image of  Martha Bosquez
 Martha Bosquez

 Custodian: 1st Shift, Hansen Student Center

Contact: mbosquez

Image of Krasondra Brooks
Krasondra Brooks

Custodian: 1st Shift, Munsell Hall

Contact: kbrooks1

Image of Jeanna Brown
Jeanna Brown

Custodian: 1st Shift, Stevenson/Wilder

Contact: jbrown1

Image of Donita Brucker
Donita Brucker

Custodian: 1st Shift, Holmes Hall

Contact: dbrucker

Image of Mark Butler
Mark Butler

Custodian: 1st Shift, Gates/Minor Myers Welcome Center

Contact: mbutler

Image of Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell

Custodian: 1st Shift, TKE/Fiji

Contact: vcampbel

Image of Tammy Campbell
Tammy Campbell

Custodian: 1st Shift, Ferguson

Tammy joined Illinois Wesleyan University in November. She works in Ferguson Hall. Tammy graduated from Woodruff HighSchool in Peoria, Illinois. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren. Tammy enjoys fishing, reading and spendingtime with her grandchildren.

Contact: tcampbel

Image of Walter Carter
Walter Carter

Custodian: 3rd Shift, Buck Library

Contact: wcarter

Image of Bill Cox
Bill Cox

Custodian: 1st Shift, Pfeiffer Hall/Health Services/Counseling and Consultation Services

Contact: wcox

Image of Vincent Davidson
Vincent Davidson

Custodian: 3rd Shift, CNS

Contact: vdavidso

Image of  Ryan Diener
 Ryan Diener

 Custodian: 1st Shift, State Farm Hall

Contact: rdiener

Image of Sam Embry
Sam Embry

Custodian: 1st Shift, Ferguson Hall


Image of Tierra Fulwiley
Tierra Fulwiley

Custodian: 2nd Shift, Ames Library


Image of Pam Gaddis
Pam Gaddis

Custodian: 1st Shift, CLA


Image of Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia

Custodian: 1st Shift, Shirk Center


Image of Edilia Garcia
Edilia Garcia

Custodian: 1st Shift, Pfeiffer Hall


Image of Roselia Garcia
Roselia Garcia

Custodian: 3rd Shift, CLA


Image of Joseph Getty
Joseph Getty

Custodian: 3rd Shift, Ames Library


Image of Kira Guminski
Kira Guminski

Custodian: 3rd Shift, CNS


Image of Justin Harner
Justin Harner

Custodian: 3rd Shift, State Farm Hall


Image of Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin

Custodian: 1st Shift, Security/Adams/Outdoor Athletics


Image of Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson

Custodian: 3rd Shift, CLA


Image of 
Claressa Kirkwood
Claressa Kirkwood

Custodian: 1st Shift, Guilick Hall


Image of Brenna Land
Brenna Land

 Custodian: 3rd Shift, Shaw Hall


Image of Kimberly Logston
Kimberly Logston

Custodian: 1st Shift, CNS


Image of Cindy Merideth
Cindy Merideth

Custodian: 3rd Shift, Minor Myers Welcome Center


Image of Weldon Moldenhauer
Weldon Moldenhauer

Custodian: 1st Shift, Rust House


Image of Steve Novel
Steve Novel

Custodian: 1st Shift, Art Building/Multicultural Center


Image of Jair Patino
Jair Patino

Custodian: 1st Shift, Chapel/Observatory


Image of Nora Reyes
Nora Reyes

Custodian: 1st Shift, Ames Library


Image of Ron Rousey
Ron Rousey

Custodian: 3rd Shift, McPherson/ITS


Image of Gerry Schroeder
Gerry Schroeder

Custodian: 1st Shift, Bookstore


Image of Patrick Schroeder
Patrick Schroeder

Custodian: 1st Shift, Gulick Hall

Patrick is a 2012 graduate majoring in computer science. Last year he worked at Illinois Wesleyan as a custodian through a temp agency. Patrick's parents have an extensive history with Illinois Wesleyan; his father, Gerry Schroeder is a long -time employee and his mother is alumna, Donna Schroeder. Patrick's interests include drawing and illustrating, computer programming, hiking, camping, reading and gaming. Patrick is an Eagle Scout and he belongs to the Computer Science Association.


Image of Leslie Singh
Leslie Singh

Custodian: 3rd Shift, Ames Library

Contact: lsingh

Image of Debra Stewart
Debra Stewart

Custodian: 1st Shift, Magill/Dolan

Contact: dstewart

Image of Steve Sylvester
Steve Sylvester

Custodian: 1st Shift, Presser

Contact: ssylvest

Image of John Taylor
John Taylor

Custodian: 3rd Shift, Shirk Center

Contact: jtaylor2

Image of James Tribett
James Tribett

Custodian: 2nd Shift, Shirk Center

Contact: jtribett

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