• November at Illinois Wesleyan

    November at Illinois Wesleyan

    In November, we tried to be good to each other, even when we disagreed. We invite you to take a look at our month in photos.

  • October in Photos at Illinois Wesleyan

    October in Photos at Illinois Wesleyan

    From honoring alumni during Homecoming, to celebrating ancient customs and new facilities, to traveling for Fall Break, this October made us glad to be a part of the Illinois Wesleyan community.

  • Homecoming of Heroes

    Homecoming of Heroes

    Check out Homecoming photos and social media highlights from a weekend reuniting with friends, mentors and the dynamic Illinois Wesleyan campus.

  • September in Photos at Illinois Wesleyan

    September in Photos at Illinois Wesleyan

    The semester got into full swing this month at Illinois Wesleyan, with an invocation to “stand together…amid a world full of beauty, but broken, too. May we grow this new year in wisdom and courage.”

  • August at Illinois Wesleyan

    August at Illinois Wesleyan

    August brings the newest members of the Titan family to Illinois Wesleyan, and it’s impossible for the rest of the campus community not to be inspired by their enthusiasm.

  • This Summer at Wesleyan

    This Summer at Wesleyan

    See this summer in photos, and you'll see that Titans pursued their passions both here in Bloomington and far beyond the gates of campus.

  • April at Illinois Wesleyan

    April at Illinois Wesleyan

    Whether through research presentations, art show openings, senior recitals, athletic competitions or awards ceremonies, students had a lot to accomplish and to celebrate at IWU in April – while Mother Nature gave us beautiful blooms just as finals kicked in, reminding us to breathe.

  • Commencement Photo Gallery

    Commencement Photo Gallery

    See photos celebrating the Class of 2016 Commencement on Sunday, May 1.

  • March at Illinois Wesleyan

    March at Illinois Wesleyan

    Take a look at our month in photos. We looked forward to a well-earned spring break, anticipated the first day of spring, and expected the rest of the month to be a rush of events and preparations as we moved toward the end of the academic year.

  • This Month at Illinois Wesleyan

    This Month at Illinois Wesleyan

    Through photos, we look back at the past month of campus life -- whether we were dancing, singing, listening or pausing to be thankful for where we learn and work.

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