Breakthrough Academics

Ethics Bowl
Illinois Wesleyan’s Ethics Bowl Team has repeatedly qualified for the national Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl competition.

Students studying philosophy tackle fascinating, challenging questions that hone their analytic and writing abilities. They create and analyze arguments, working to nail down the premises of a line of reasoning and see how they work together.

Because these critical skills support many future paths, the philosophy major at IWU is a natural fit with just about any second major. As Associate Professor Mark Criley says, “Anything you do, philosophy can help you do it better.”

Philosophy also lends itself to varied signature work experiences, allowing students to pursue a research honors thesis in addition to their required capstone seminar and portfolio, reflecting on their development throughout their college career.

Illinois Wesleyan’s Ethics Bowl team provides students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom in real-life competitions. These events – sometimes on a national scale – require students to research philosophical questions, engage in dynamic teamwork, and test their communications skills.

The Department has recently branched into Bioethics Bowl competitions, while expanding their course offerings on medical ethics to benefit students interested in medical school, chemistry (drug development), nursing and more.