Research Honors

Research Honors in Philosophy
Purpose, Eligibility and Procedures


A. Purpose:

Research Honors provides you with the opportunity to pursue a project of original research in philosophy. A Research Honors in philosophy is similar to an independent study in philosophy, except that you are required complete and defend a polished thesis. You are not required to produce a thesis on par with Kant's Critiques or other revolutionary turns in philosophy, but you are required to produce a polished thesis in which you present an idea or an approach that is distinctly your own.

B. Eligibility:

You may seek Research Honors in Philosophy if and only if (i) you have an overall cumulative average of at least 3.25 and an average of at least 3.50 in philosophy, and (ii) you are a major in Philosophy or you have completed 6 course units in Philosophy. Research Honors may be done only in your senior year. In addition, you should be a self-motivated student who is self-disciplined and intellectually independent.

C. Procedures:

Outline of the Process: Officially, when you do a Research Honors, you are taking the philosophy department’s course "403: Research Honors in Philosophy." You will receive a standard grade and standard credit upon satisfactory completion of this "course." But through this "course" you are attempting to earn "University Honors." This is a special distinction that is granted (or not) by the university. In section D of this form the procedures whereby one takes "403: Research Honors in Philosophy" as a means of earning "University Honors" are described.