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We hear it from top employers every day: Illinois Wesleyan graduates have superior innovation and problem-solving skills, curiosity about the world, eagerness to learn, the ability to build relationships, effective communication and leadership qualities necessary to engage with a complex, global organization. Our alumni form a deep and lasting attachment to this place and its people. The Titan Network is strong.
Higher Incomes
Higher Incomes
Illinois Wesleyan is #1 in Illinois for Small Colleges with the Highest Earning Graduates. (Source: Zippia, U.S. Dept of Education College Scorecard)  
Best Value Rankings
Best Value Rankings
Illinois Wesleyan continues to be ranked as a best value institution from sources like Kiplinger, U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review.  
Employer Feedback
Employer Feedback
Employers know us and they know our graduates are "prepared to contribute early in their careers," with "superior innovation and problem-solving skills." 

Paying Dividends

We're confident that the outcomes of an Illinois Wesleyan degree pay dividends far surpassing the investment. We've got the numbers:

among small colleges in Illinois
among liberal arts colleges, ranked by Kiplinger's
than the national median

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Dirk Behrends portrait
"My IWU education provided the foundation for the persuasive communicator, critical thinker and creative collaborator I am today. Each of these skills has proven invaluable in my success in the ever-changing and competitive fields of technology and information services."
Dirk Behrends '87
Senior Sales Executive - Membership Solutions, Fonteva
Major: English