Meal Plan Changes

All students who live in University residence halls are required to carry a board plan.  Available plans are listed on the Dining Services website.  Plan costs are determined by the Business Office and listed on the Tuition and Fees schedule.

Students with uncommon severe food allergies or who practice specific religious preparation (i.e. Kosher or Halal practices) may apply for a waiver from the meal plan.  Documentation may be required to support the written request, as well as consultation with Dining Services and Health Services staff.  Vegetarian, vegan, and other health conscious practices can be supported through the board plan and are not eligible for a waiver.

Meal tickets are nontransferable as board charges are based on some expected absenteeism.  All meal plan changes must happen through the MyHousing Portal. If you need assistance figuring out how to change a meal plan, please view this quick YouTube video on How to change your Meal Plan

For Fall 2013, all changes must be made by August 29, 2013 by 4:00 PM.  For Spring 2014, all changes must be made by December 6, 2013 by 4:00 PM for Fall residents and by January 8, 2014 for new Spring residents.