How do I request a break key?

Requests should be made online, if possible.  After the online form closes, requests can be made to the Office of Residential Life (309/556-3113) during IWU business hours, or to the RD-on-Duty (309/319-6381) outside of business hours.

break key memeUse the following links to make a break key request:

By when I do need to make a request?

Please check the dates on the break key dates website.

How do I pick up my key?

Break keys requested by the published deadline will be delivered to the student’s residence hall desk (as a package).  Break keys requested after the published deadline must be picked up in the Office of Residential Life. 

Are students in Munsell given a break key?

Students living in Munsell must request break access, but will use the same card swipe for building access that is used during the academic year.

Should residents of The Gates at Wesleyan or East Street Apartments request a break key?

The Gates at Wesleyan and East Street Apartments do not “close” for breaks and students may remain in residence through the break period.

What if my coach/sponsor doesn’t request a key on my behalf?

Students must request their own keys by completing an online request.  Keys cannot be requested for a student by a coach or other campus sponsor.

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How do I avoid costs?

Plan ahead and make your request in advance (by the posted deadline) to avoid a charge.

What if I lose my key?

If a break key is lost, the core and all associated keys are replaced (typically a $200 - $300 cost depending on the hall), and the cost of that replacement is charged equally among students whose keys were not returned. 

What if I find my lost key?

Return it immediately to your Residence Director.  If the recore has not yet been completed, the request can be withdrawn and charges avoided.

How do I return my key?

Return your break key to your Residence Director or to the Office of Residential Life.

When do I need to return it by?

Break keys must be returned by 4 PM on the first day of class after each break.

Are residence hall policies in effect during the break period?


In case of emergency over break, whom do I contact?

Contact emergency services at 911, campus security at 309/556-1111 or the RD on Duty at 309/319-6381.

What if damages occur in the hall during the break period?

If damages occur in the hall, and individual will be held accountable for them if one can be identified.  In cases where an individual cannot be identified, all students with a break key will be charged equal shares of the damage cost as per the residence hall damage policy

If you have additional questions, please contact your Residence Director of the Office of Residential Life.