East Street Apartments

East Street Apartments are priced competitively with private apartment complexes located off-campus and does require an annual lease. The per person cost is found on the Tuition and Fees page and is priced per semester includes all utilities, on site washer/dryer, internet, cable television and more.

How do I sign up?

Early applications will be available September 24, 2013. Open leasing begins October 9, 2013. The application process will be electronic, using the MyHousing portal. 

For More information on leasing, please go to the Gates Leasing Page, as all of our apartments will be signed up for during the same period. 

ESA interior pictures



Acquired in 2006, the East Street Apartments (ESA) is comprised of six apartment units, each housing 2 students in single rooms.   The building is conveniently located at the northwest corner of East and Emerson Streets, one block from the Center for Natural Sciences.  Each apartment has a generously-sized living/dining space (14' x 21'), 2 single bedrooms (10' x 13') and a full kitchen, with full-sized appliances provided.  Each unit was fully renovated during Spring 2008, including window replacement, new cabinets and appliances, new carpet, fresh paint, and more efficient window and baseboard heating units.

Units are unfurnished, but bedrooms include a twin bed, dresser, desk, and desk chair. There is laundry provided on the first floor, free of charge. University cable and internet are provided, and other utilities are provided.

Students living at ESA are not required to take part in the IWU board plan, but may choose to do so. Units are leased for the year, and paid by semester. 

Interior pictures


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