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The Office of Residential Life offers hourly positions to enhance two core values of the Office of Residential Life: Diversity and Sustainability. Students may apply to serve in the role of Multicultural or Sustainability Educator. Both are highly desirable, work-study positions.

This site is intended for use by students interested in working as a Multicultural Educator or Sustainability Educator. It is important to understand before embarking on this process that a work-study award is required as a part of the financial aid package for students to be considered as MEs or SEs.  These positions are for students awarded a full-time work-study award, the equivalent of 10 hours-per-week, earn their award over two semesters.

Peer educators are supervised primarily by Graduate Residence Directors. GRDs are graduate students completing coursework at Illinois State University.  These GRDs have been trained by ORL and are responsible for the selection, training, and supervision of peer educators.

The initial hiring of staff takes place in the Spring term for the following Fall. With some regularity throughout the course of the year, it becomes necessary to identify students who can fill openings on an ongoing basis. As these openings are identified, GRDs look to a common pool of applicants to determine those students who may be interested and available.

This site will allow students with an interest in Peer Educator positions to apply, update and maintain their applications. Likewise, GRDs will access the site to find students whose applications and availability match with the needs of position openings.

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