First Year Student FAQs

Where do I buy books for classes?
At the beginning of each semester the University Bookstore designates a special area for possible books that students might need to purchase.  The books that are available at the University Bookstore come from the Professors' booklists, so you can always make sure that you have the right materials for class.  Most students purchase their books upon arriving to campus and after registering for classes.  The University Bookstore is located in the Hansen Student Center.

How do I declare a major?
Students typically declare a major before the end of their 4th semester at IWU, however, this decision can be made earlier in a student's career.  To officially declare a major or minor the necessary forms must be completed in the Registrar's Office (located in Holmes Hall). Students must discuss all declarations of a major with their advisors. Students entering professional schools (ex: School of Nursing) do not need to make an additional declaration of a major.

When are school breaks such as Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.?
Important University dates are available on the Academic Calendar .

When do I have access to my IWU email?
You will gain access to your IWU email this summer before you arrive on campus.  If you have problems accessing your email please contact the Information Technology Services Office at (309) 556-3900.

Do I have to attend New Student Orientation?
Yes. All students who are new to the University are expected to attend Orientation.  This is an important time where you will register for classes and become acquainted with the Illinois Wesleyan campus community.  If you have specific concerns please contact the Office of Orientation Services.

Is orientation required for my parent/guardian?
Technically, no.  Orientation is not required for parents and families.  However, we encourage parents to participate in the virtual Experience IWU Family Orientation sessions. 

Where can I buy things in town?
Bloomington-Normal offers a variety of close shopping locations ranging from grocery stores and malls to unique boutiques in the local downtown area.  More information about the area is available from the Bloomington-Normal Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Who is my Titan Orientation Leader?  Can I contact him or her?
Titan Orientation Leaders (TOLs) are not matched up with their orientation groups until a few days prior to Turning Titan. Feel free to visit the Titan Orientation Leaders section of the website and ask any of our TOLs any questions you may have about IWU prior to your arrival on campus. You may also contact the Office of Orientation Services.

Should I bring my car to campus?
All students can bring their cars to campus. There is no charge to park a car on campus, but students must obtain a (free) parking permit from the security office during Turning Titan. Bloomington-Normal also has a public transportation system that covers the town. Many students also bring bicycles to get around town and to ride on the Constitution Trail.

What kind of computer should I bring to campus? What kind of computer software do I need? What about other technologies on campus?
The Information Technology department on campus has created this technology website for new students, which should have any information you need.

Where can I do banking in Bloomington-Normal?
Please see this list of Banks in the area.

Where can my parents stay the night in Bloomington-Normal?
IWU offers this list of Hotels & Motels in the Bloomington-Normal area.

When do I register for classes?
Students will register for classes during summer Rising Titan. 

What if I have other questions?
First, try visiting for a wide variety of information. You can always call us here at the Office of Orientation Services at 309-556-3749.