FAQ About Applying to be a TOL

Questions about being a Titan Orientation Leader? Take a moment to review the FAQ below to find the answers to your questions.

Who can apply to be a TOL?
Students from all grade levels are eligible to apply to be TOLs, but preference is given to rising juniors and seniors.

Is there a GPA Requirement?
Yes. To be eligible to serve as a TOL, students must have and maintain a 2.500 cumulative GPA during their term as an orientation leader.

Can I be in a fraternity or sorority and still be a TOL?
YES! In fact, many of our TOLs are members of fraternities or sororities. However, if you are the Recruitment Officer for your chapter and will have heavy time demands during Turning Titan week (i.e. "work week") you will probably not have the time to serve as a TOL due to time conflicts.

Can I work for the Office of Residential Life and be a TOL at the same time?
No. ORL staff training and commitments overlap with TOL training and commitments, so it is not possible to participate in both programs. Additionally, if you are a Pre-Orientation leader, you are not eligible to be a TOL as training overlaps with the pre-orientation programs.

Can I be a TOL if I am studying abroad?
YES! If you are studying abroad during the application process we will be happy to work with you over email to get your application materials processed. If you are planning on being off campus during the Fall semester, you are not eligible to be a TOL as we want TOLs to continue being resources for their group members over the course of their first semester.