FAQ about Experience IWU: Family Orientation

As you prepare for your student to join the Illinois Wesleyan University community, we hope the questions and answers below will be of use to you.  If you have any additional questions please contact the Office of Orientation Services at orientation@iwu.edu.  Make sure to click on each item to see the response.

What is Experience IWU: Family Orientation?

  • Experience IWU: Family Orientation is Illinois Wesleyan University's way of welcoming you to the university experience.  Experience IWU is designed for the parents and/or guardians of first year and new students to learn the resources they need to become the best support system for their student. 

What will happen during Experience IWU: Family Orientation?

  • During our six Experience IWU virtual sessions our expert presenters (administrators and staff) will share valuable information regarding the topic at hand. Sessions will allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Topics of discussions will include:
    • Communicating with the University 
      • (e.g., Dean of Students Office, student conduct, FERPA for parents, etc.)
    • The Academic Experience
      • (e.g., expectations/requirements, class sessions, office hours, etc.) 
    • College Life in 2020
      • (e.g., health and wellness, what to expect from the first year, personal property and safety, etc.)
    • The Residential Living Experience
      • (e.g., residence halls, dinning and meal plans) 
    • Involvement Opportunities on Campus
      • (e.g., student organizations, fraternity & sorority life, etc.)
    • The Hart Career
      • (e.g., career development, internships, study abroad, etc.)  

How will I benefit by attending?

  • By participating in Experience IWU, you can expect to receive many benefits:
    • Vital knowledge of the University's academic and social aspects
    • Opportunity to hear from administrators, staff and students.
    • Learn how to help your child adjust to college life.
    • Get a hands-on experience of the classroom setting.
    While attendance at Experience IWU is not required by IWU, it would be to your advantage to attend.

Who attends?

  • Parents and/or guardians of first-year students are invited to participate in any or all of the virtual sessions in June and July. These sessions are held over the course of six weeks so that we can provide information to parents on an as needed basis based on where we are in the summer. This is not mandatory for family members, but is highly encouraged because it will provide you with the opportunity virtually meet with professional member of the IWU community. Participants in Experience IWU will also learn more about the academic and social aspects of Illinois Wesleyan University. Future students are not encouraged to participate in Experience IWU with their parents or guardians. The programs and activities are specifically for parents or guardians and there will be no specific programming for the future students.

What does it cost to register and what does that cover?

  • This program is free! 

Can I bring my children?

  • These virtual opportunities are intended for parents and/or guardians only. Other family members will have an opportunity to learn more about IWU during Family Weekend in the fall.

Can I still register after the register after the specified deadline?

  • Yes, as long as you register prior to the start of the session you should be able to participate

What if I cannot attend?

  • If you cannot attend any of the virtual sessions do not worry, they will be taped and we will share them via our website.