Whos Who

Who's Who in the Lab

Nursing Interventions Lab Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Collaborating with faculty in the development and implementation of Self-Learning Modules
  • Observing student performance of competency testing
  • Tracking, ordering, and managing inventory
  • Previewing videos, CD-ROM and other media for module development
  • Monitoring lab usage and tracking associated statistics
  • Supervising lab workers, schedules, evaluations
  • Arranging for repair of broken equipment
  • Maintaining contacts with local vendors
  • Serving on nursing faculty committees
  • Teaching nursing courses as needed
  • Evaluating effectiveness of lab

Faculty are responsible for:

  • Reviewing records to ensure students have completed competencies and modules by stated dates
  • Performing competency testing on selected skill

Lab Assistants are responsible for:

  • Observing students for accuracy of performance in a  module or skill
  • Answering questions related to modules
  • Setting up modules
  • Tracking supplies
  • Performing supply, equipment and linen inventories
  • Not expected to teach content

Clinical Laboratory Associate is responsible for:

  • Assisting laboratory coordinator with student competencies
  • Ongoing development of simulation in the lab
  • Assisting faculty with development and implementation of new simulated scenarios
  • Assist faculty during simulation exercises in the lab