First Year Courses and Descriptions

Biology 107 & 108 Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology
A concentrated introduction to the biology of human beings. Emphasis on the structure and function of the human body; its organs and organ systems. Prerequisite for Bio 108: successful completion of Bio 107. Four hours of lecture and two hours of anatomy/physiology laboratory per week. Bio 107 offered each fall; Bio 108 offered each spring.

Biology 114: The Microbial World
An introduction to the biology of microbes that concentrates on bacteria and viruses. Emphasis on human health issues, on applied microbiology, and on the roles of microbes in the environment. Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week. Credit will not be given toward the biology major. Prerequisites: Chem 110, Bio 107, concurrent enrollment in Bio 108, and consent of instructor. Offered each spring.

Chemistry 110: Basic Chemistry
Study of the basic aspects of structural chemistry with emphasis on physiological applications. Offered each fall.

Health 230: Human Nutrition
An introduction to principles of nutrition that affect health promotion, health maintenance, and illness prevention throughout the life cycle.  The nutritional requirements of individuals with special needs are also considered.  Offered each fall and spring.

Psychology 253: Lifespan Developmental Psychology
An introduction to human development from conception until death.  Offered each spring.