A safety newsletter for faculty and staff


January 2014


As campus safety issues become more complex within higher education, we recognize the need to increase our regular communication with faculty and staff. This Safety Pin allows us to pinpoint current safety issues on campus, in our community, and within higher education. We hope you take a few minutes to read this resource to keep yourself informed about our emergency preparedness and resources.

We hope that campus crises are rare. However, we know that any school activity heightens awareness and provides us with an opportunity to remind staff and faculty about procedures. As always, if you see anything that creates a campus safety concern, please contact Security (556-3111) or in situations of imminent danger 911, followed by a call to Campus Security.

Emergency Plan Testing and Review

In compliance with federal requirements as well as our own commitment to quality emergency preparedness, we are testing our communication efforts and conducting tabletop drills regarding common emergency risks. This fall, the Emergency Response Team conducted a tabletop exercise on residence hall fires, which was informative and very helpful in our planning efforts. Unfortunately, we also had the opportunity to test our responsiveness during the tornado warning in November. As a result of our review of that situation, we have adjusted our communication plan, our staffing redundancy for sending alerts, and reviewed our triggers for tornado alerts.

We also tested the Emergency Alert system and found that many students, faculty and staff are not currently signed up for emergency alerts. To sign up, please go to myIWU and review your IWUAlert settings.

Safety Walk: Proactive Safety Steps

Each fall when the time changes, the University conducts a "safety walk" or a "light walk" to experience the campus in the early evening when it's already dark. Jim Blumberg, Reenie Bradley, Karla Carney-Hall, Matt Damschroder, Brexton Isaacs, and Dan Klotzbach patrolled campus in early December in review of campus landscaping, lighting and walkways with safety in mind. We identified only a few places where lighting needs some improvement and landscaping will be removed. Fortunately, we have an amazing Physical Plant grounds crew who keep safety in mind in all that they do.

Sexual Harassment Reporting

Although all employees receive training and policy notification about the IWU Sexual Harassment Policy annually, it's important to remember that reporting incidents is critical to our ability to address this campus safety concern. If you've been talking with a student or colleague who has experienced or is experiencing sexual harassment, please report it to an appropriate campus support person.

As stated in our policy:

All students, faculty, staff, applicants, volunteers, vendors and agents are strongly encouraged to report any incidents of sexual harassment. Reports may be made orally or in writing and such reports should be made to the Title IX Coordinator or a Title IX Deputy Coordinator. Reports may also be made to any Supervisor, Department Chair or School Director, Dean, Director, Resident Director or Resident Advisor, Head Coach, Vice President, or Security Officer. Such personnel that receive reports of sexual harassment and responsible employees that know or reasonably should know of the occurrence of sexual harassment are required to forward those reports to the Title IX Coordinator or a Title IX Deputy Coordinator within 24 hours of receiving such a report.

In addition to the foregoing, all faculty and staff who become aware of or suspect sexual abuse of a minor (under the age of 17) must report that information to the Child Abuse Hotline (800-25A-BUSE) as required by law.

Driver Safety

Be reminded that any faculty or staff member who is driving students in a personal vehicle, University vehicle, or rented vehicle on University business must have a Department of Motor Vehicle review conducted by IWU Security in order to be covered by University liability insurance during your travel. Please contact IWU Security to complete this authorization at least one week prior to travel. For more detailed information, please see the policy statement in your staff or faculty handbook.

Active Shooter

Director of Campus Security Chuck Adam met this fall with Bloomington Police Department officers responsible for active shooter response to review our campus procedure and coordinate with their response. We will continue to collaborate with BPD in the event that our campus would have a shooter on campus. We would also like to take this opportunity to share a video regarding safety responses recommended by Homeland Security to an active shooter.

Our campus protocol is as follows:

  1. If an active shooter is present, you will be notified by IWUAlert message of the issue and area of concern. In accordance with the guidance in the video, you should either evacuate (if that can be done safely) or secure your location.   
  2. Bloomington Police will be responsible for all instructions once they arrive on the scene. Any additional updates will be provided via IWUAlert and email.
  3. An IWUAlert will notify the campus community when the crisis is under control. A notice will also be posted on our home page.

In any crisis, communication with staff, faculty and students is critical. Additionally, family members may also be concerned about a campus crisis. Please sign up for the IWUAlert system for yourself, and you may also list family members' cell phone numbers. We will post announcements to our website to keep the community informed. Depending on the situation, we will also activate a call center to respond to questions and concerns.

The IWU Safety Pin is a new electronic newsletter from Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Karla Carney-Hall, chair of the Emergency Response Team.