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A safety newsletter for the Illinois Wesleyan campus community

October 2017

A safety newsletter for Illinois Wesleyan students, faculty and staff
Safety Pin

In addition to your academic success, your health and safety are among our top priorities as a campus.  Although we are generally perceived as a safe campus, we always want you to be aware of reasonable safety precautions and preventative measures to ensure your personal safety and that of your property.  This newsletter is intended to provide you with an overview of safety information at Illinois Wesleyan University.  We hope you take a few minutes to read this resource to keep yourself informed about our emergency preparedness and resources.  As always, if you see anything that creates a campus safety concern, please contact the Office of Campus Safety (556-1111) or in situations of imminent danger 911, followed by a call to Campus Safety. 

Rebranding and Relocation of the Office of Campus Safety

The new Office of Campus Safety has relocated to the Memorial Center. We are located at the main entrance of the Memorial Center, which used to be the information desk. This new location makes Campus Safety more centrally located for easier access for the entire campus community.

The Office of Campus Safety will now have a dispatch center. This dispatch center will be a 24/7 command center during the academic year. By having a dispatch center open 24/7, Campus Safety will be able to respond even quicker to the needs of the campus community. If you need an ID replacement, we can replace your ID at any time at the Campus Safety Main Office/Dispatch Center. Campus Safety will now be able to accommodate this need with our dispatch center open 24 hours.

You may also notice our name change. We are the Office of Campus Safety instead of Campus Security. By changing the name, the department becomes more about the overall safety of the campus community by increased patrols, more safety training opportunities and more community relations. The department has changed uniforms.

The Office will continue to respond to door lock and unlock requests, emergency incidents, conduct educational training, safety escorts, welfare checks, parking enforcement and photo IDs – to name a few of the services we provide.

So stop by our new location and say hi!

Titan Transport

Don’t want to walk alone across campus? Studying late at Ames Library? The purpose of Titan Transport is to support students attending campus activities or studying late who may want a safe escort back to their apartment or residence hall. Although it’s tempting to think of this as a designated driver program, that is not the purpose of Titan Transport. This service is staffed by IWU students. Please be respectful of drivers at all times and do not ask drives to take you to parties or bars off-campus. The transport will run from Sunday-Thursday, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. If you are calling from a cell phone, call 309-660-2237 or if you are calling from a campus phone, dial 309-556-2637.

IWU Alert Messages

IWU Alert is the campus emergency notification system via phone, text, and email. Please go to MyIWU to make sure you have your most up-to-date cell phone number listed with your preference of receiving notification via text, voice, email or all methods. Log in at, click Banner Self Service from the MyIWU navigation bar, click "Personal Information Menu" > "Update Address(es) and Phone(s)" > "On-Campus - Office" and update your information.

Our most common alerts are weather-related emergencies (tornado warnings, extreme cold, etc.) Please follow the instructions received from the alert and be ready for updated notifications.

Campus Drug Abuse

Drug use, including illegal use of prescription drugs, impacts your health and well-being by damaging your brain, other vital organs, and certainly impacts your academic motivation and future success. Addiction often creates life-long challenges regarding health, family, and employment, just to name a few. Additionally, drug use may bring a criminal element to campus that threatens our entire community. We are concerned about you as individuals and for our campus community.

The University will continue to cooperate with police investigations surrounding any incidents where drugs are involved. The Office of Campus Safety will continue to work with the Bloomington Police to rid drugs from our area. We share in their resolve to create a drug-free campus community.

If you have concerns about a friend who may be abusing drugs or other substances, please don’t hesitate to contact the Dean of Students office (556-3111) or Counseling and Consultation Services (556-3052). If you witness drug use on campus, please contact the Office of Campus Safety (556-1111). Students struggling with drug abuse will receive assistance in identifying resources to aid in their recovery. 

Drug Drop Boxes

You can dispose of your old prescription drugs at Arnold Health Services, located in the basement of Magill Hall.  The hours to drop off the prescription drugs on campus are Monday-Friday, 8-11:30 a.m. and 1-4:30 p.m. You can drop off controlled substances/narcotics and other prescriptions at the Bloomington Police Department at 305 S. East St., Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-11 p.m.

The Office of Campus Safety will conduct an annual “Drug Take Back Day” on campus in coordination with the Bloomington Police Department. Watch for advertisement for this event.

Outreach Programs

The Office of Campus Safety conducted Campus Safety Week during the week of September 18.  Topics discussed included Relationship Violence (with an emphasis on stalking, domestic violence and more), Internet Security, Bike Safety and a DUI/Texting Simulator demonstration, as well as a Vehicle Safety demonstration on changing a tire, changing your oil and more, and a Fire Safety demonstration.

Campus Safety will be working with other outside agencies, such as Bloomington Police, State Police and other first responders to bring the campus community other educational programs to promote safety during the year.

Personal Safety and Protect Your Belongings

Please remember to protect your belongings at all times. Do not leave your items unattended. Keep your purse, backpacks, books, etc. with you. If you must leave them, please secure your belongings in a locker, in your car or your room. The Shirk Center can be a frequent target by opportunistic thieves because students, faculty and staff leave their backpacks, wallets, phones, iPpods and other personal belongings unattended while exercising. Locks are available at the Shirk Center for your use with the lockers in the Shirk locker rooms. You can also use your own lock.

If you must walk across campus at night, walk with a group or even just one person; do not walk alone. If you have nobody to walk with, call the Titan Transport. Even when you walk with people, do not walk and text at the same time. Be aware of your surroundings while walking. If you are walking alone, call someone and talk with them while you are walking. Keep your car keys clinched between your fingers for safety while walking.

Please report any suspicious activities or people you think seem out of place on campus. The Office of Campus Safety wants to help keep everyone on campus safe and healthy. We cannot stop what we don’t know. Let’s have a great semester and keep safe!

Building Afterhours

Every building has its own designated time the building is to be locked up for the evening. Campus Safety Officers will lock up the building according to the designated hours or according to the special events calendar (R25). Students may have special permission from faculty members to stay to work on a project. Campus Safety needs to be notified by email by the faculty member giving permission for the specific students (list the names of those students) at least 24 hours in advance of any special permission access. This assists the Office of Campus Safety to better track who may be in any building at any given time, in case of an emergency. If there are questions regarding this, please contact the Director of Campus Safety and 556-1111.

Media Inquiries in a Crisis

During a crisis situation, faculty, staff and other members of the IWU community should promptly and courteously direct all media requests to the Office of Communications (Ann Aubry cell: (309) 532-7613; John Twork cell: (309) 530-0388.)


Please do not provide the media with a comment or information. In a crisis, it is important for the University to communicate an official, unified response, which will be disseminated from the Office of Communications.

The IWU Safety Pin is an electronic newsletter from Aarron Cook, Director of Campus Safety.

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