Elaine Vogt



BA, Union College; M.Ed., CAS, New York State University, Albany

Elaine R. Vogt joined the Illinois Wesleyan University faculty in the fall of 1999 in two capacities, as a piano instructor in Illinois Wesleyan University’s Preparatory Department, and as a staff accompanist.   After beginning her music and piano performance studies at Ithaca College, Ms. Vogt completed her BA degree with a dual major in Music and English Literature cum laude from Union College in Schenectady, N.Y.  At that time, she was fortunate enough to study piano with Juana Zayas for several years.  She then received a Master’s in Educational Psychology and a CAS in School Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany.  While pursuing her doctoral degree from SUNYA, she combined her interests in music cognition and psychology by engaging in research into the effects of music and listeners’ musical background on problem solving.  Some results of this research were published in J. Newman, J.H. Rosenbach, K.L. Burns, B.C. Latimer, H.R. Matocha, and E.R. Vogt (1995).  An Experimental Test of “The Mozart Effect”: Does Listening to His Music Improve Spatial Ability?  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 81, 1379-1387.   

Ms. Vogt continues to serve as an accompanist for IWU while pursuing her research interests as coauthor of the book, Selecting the Right Data Analysis Methods, forthcoming in 2013 from Guilford Press.