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Terrance Peeples

Terrance Peeples photoTerrance P. Peeples is originally from Joliet, Illinois and now lives in Channahon, Illinois with his wife Holly and dog named Zildjian.  He has taught college music classes for 22 years which includes:  applied percussion, percussion ensemble, History of American Popular music, History of African-American music, music appreciation classes, world of music, pep band, jazz band. Drumline and basic elements of music theory.  Mr. Peeples has a masters, bachelors and associated degree in percussion performance with a minor in music education from Western Illinois University, Illinois State University and Joliet Jr. College.  He is a freelance musician in Chicagoland playing a variety of styles including his professional percussion group called  You can read more on Mr. Peeps and hear his music at and see his videos on the youtube channel.  (Terrance P. Peeples)