Welcome to the IWU Wind and Percussion Department web page.  At IWU, you are supported all along the way to becoming a first class performer on your chosen instrument, no matter which degree program you choose.


The School of Music at IWU offers a wide range of ensemble experiences for wind and percussion students.  Musical organizations on campus are open to all students, regardless of major.  Illinois Wesleyan Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, or Symphonic Winds are auditioned ensembles, with auditions taking place at the beginning of each academic year.  There are also numerous chamber music opportunities, including woodwind quintets, brass quartets and quintets, like-instrument ensembles, and percussion ensemble.  Each of these ensembles present concerts throughout the year.  Titan Band, an activity band which performs at home sporting events, is also open to all students.

The jazz program offers numerous opportunities for students with an interest in developing their skills in jazz performance.  The Jazz Ensemble is the top jazz group and is open to all students on campus through an audition process at the beginning of each academic year.  There is also a Jazz Lab Band that does not require an audition.  Some students, especially music education majors, may choose to participate in Jazz Lab Band on a secondary instrument, gaining valuable experience for when they teach.  Jazz combos are also available each semester.  These small groups provide entertainment for events on campus and in clubs and other venues throughout the region.

Other performing opportunities include master classes and studio classes with individual studio teachers, workshops with visiting soloists and guests, and frequent departmental recitals.  All degree candidates are eligible to present solo recitals during their junior and/or senior year. All recitals and juries are accompanied free of charge by a professional accompanist.

An added bonus available at IWU is the deep personal attention our students receive as a result of the low faculty/student ratio, and of our faculty’s commitment to the individual student.  It was this wonderful learning, nurturing atmosphere that made me decide to stay at IWU after arriving many years ago.

If you have questions or want more detail about any of this information, please feel free to call or e-mail Laura Dolan, or contact the professor who teaches your instrument.

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