Music Education FAQ

Is is realistic to graduate in four years with a music education degree?
Yes, if a student attends May term classes (one May Term is required) and enrolls in the suggested "sequence" for coursework.  However, some students are opting to go an additional semester for student teaching to reduce the course load.

What is the successful placement rate among graduates?
100% if you are willing to travel to different parts of the state or out of state.

In which states will the student be certified to teach?
The graduate is certified only in the state of Illinois first.  Then, one may apply to other states.

How much student teaching is required and when does it occur in the curriculum?
The student is required to complete a full-semester of student teaching (16 weeks) during their senior year (either fall or spring).

What opportunities exist for observation and laboratory teaching experiences prior to formal student teaching?
All BME coursework in the Professional Education classes requires 10 or more hours of observation.  The Upper Division classes (300 level or higher) requires lab teaching as well.  A total of 100 hours of field observation (which includes teaching as well) is required for the degree.

For which grades and subjects will the student be certified to teach?
At IWU, you will receive a K-12 certification in "music".  You are certified to teach ANY grade or area in music

How does the curriculum prepare students to teach the subjects for which they will be certif ied?
Our curricula includes a liberal arts education within a Professional School of Music.  Not only will the student receive a strong general education background, but courses in the area of music and music education/professional education are a part of the curriculum.