For Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education students. 
(B.A. general requirements)

Gateway Colloquium (GW)


Analysis of Values (AV)


The Arts (AR) *


Contemporary Social Institutions (CSI)


Cultural and Historical Change (CHC) **


Formal Reasoning (FR)


Intellectual Traditions (IT)


Literature (LIT)


Modern and Classical Languages (LA) ***

0-2, as needed to ensure second-semester proficiency

The Natural Sciences
     must fulfill one of these options:   Life Science Issues Course (LSI)
                                                         or  Life Science Lab Course (LSL)
                                                         or  Physical Sciences Issues Course (PSI)
                                                         or  Physical Sciences Lab Course (PSL)

Physical Education

All students must have 1 course designated as fitness.

2x or 4y or
equiv. comb.

Flag Requirements
Flag designations attached to approved General Education, major, minor, or elective course, except Gateway Colloquium and courses in the Modern and Classical Languages Category
Encountering Global Diversity (G)

1 course

Encountering US Diversity (U)

For Music Education students, EDUC257 fills this requirement.

1 course

Writing Intensive (W)****

2 courses, at least 1 in Music

Music majors automatically meet this requirement by meeting the music ensemble requirement. Therefore, the 1 unit of Gen. Ed. Credit in the Arts is not counted among the total number of units required of the degree, even though it appears on this list of Gen. Ed. Requirements.

**  Music majors automatically meet this requirement with Survey of Music History courses MUS 201 & MUS 202.

***  Music Education students are exempt from this requirement. If no language courses are needed to ensure second-semester proficiency, an additional elective credit (in any field, including music) must be taken in order to fulfill the requirement of 9 course units in General Education.

****  Music majors automatically meet this requirement with Upper Division Music History courses.

The following requirements and limitations apply generally to all music degree candidates:

1) Attendance at recitals in accordance with the minimum requirements set by the music faculty.

2) Attendance at and participation in music convocation and the regular repertoire classes supportive of the applied major field.

3) Participation in at least one appropriate ensemble, possibly two, during each semester in residence. Consult the School of Music Student Handbook, for more detailed information.

4) Demonstration of proficiency in piano at the level required for the various degrees.

5) Substitutions in the prescribed courses of study may be permitted only by approval of the School of Music faculty.

6) A minimum GPA of 2.0, with no more than 1 course unit of ‘D’ work in music and no more than 3 units of ‘D’ work may be counted toward the degree.

7) At least 11 course units of work counted toward a degree must be from upper division offerings (numbered 300 or higher) and at least four of these units must be in the major field or concentration (met through courses in degree program.)