Music Education Degree Information

The Bachelor of Music Education (BME) degree prepares students to teach in public schools through professional course work, as well as through observation and participation in a variety of public school settings. A full semester of supervised teaching in both elementary and secondary schools is a requirement in the final year of the degree. This degree contains many components that lead toward obtaining licensure to teach music in grades K-12 in the State of Illinois.

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BME Requirements

Course Course Units
Applied Lessons

Course Units: 3.5

Music Theory

Course Units: 4

Survey of Music History

Course Units: 3

Keyboard Basics (or proficiency)

Course Units: NC

Functional Piano

Course Units: 1


Course Units: 1

Upper Division Music Theory

Choose one from:

Course Units: 1

Upper Division Music History

Choose one from:


Course Units: 1

Techniques Courses

Course Units: 2.5

Music Education

Course Units: 9


Course Units: 1

Large Ensembles

  • (if piano concentration, complete .5 units in accompanying, 031)

Course Units: 1.75

Music Electives

Course Units: 1.25

MUS 14X: Colloquia in Music

Course Units: NC

MUS 15X: Experiencing the Live Performance of Concert Repertoire (6 semesters)

Course Units: NC

Titan Band

  • Two seasons for wind and percussion concentrations

Course Units: NC