Computer Music Facilities

The School of Music is home to three laboratories incorporating digital music technology.  In addition to the Jazz Improvisation Lab described below, the  Electronic Music Laboratory  (pictured right) supports the composition of electroacoustic music and features professional-level software such as ProTools and Max/MSP along with synthesis and sampling equipment by Roland and Kurzweil. The  Music Theory Computer Laboratory  has sixteen workstations, each equipped with an Mac computer, MIDI keyboard, and software to support student work in theory, notation, ear training, and composition.  A newly opened suite of workstations for composition students (pictured right) includes synthesizers, mixers, microphones, and Mac computers with notation and sequencing software.
Thorpe Digital Center

Thorpe Music & Media Center

In addition to housing the School of Music's library, listening stations and group listening rooms, the Thorpe Music and Media Center in the Ames Library is equipped with MIDI-computer workstations supporting music composition and score preparation software.

Computer Music Center

Jazz Improvisation Practice Lab

Students involved in the jazz program at Illinois Wesleyan are assigned practice time each week in the Jazz Improvisation Practice Lab to help increase their awareness of and ability to improvise. The lab is equipped with a computer, sound generator, amplifier, and speakers with which to produce the sound of a quality rhythm section.  Students use the Band-In-A-Box software with which to enter the chord changes of the jazz tunes they are assigned to study. Jazz recordings from Jamie Aebersold are also available in the Lab for aspiring improvisers. The Lab is a valuable addition to the students' big band and combo experiences, as it assists them in mastering the chord changes of the various tunes on which they improvise in their respective ensembles.