Travel Course Leaders and Assistants: Qualifications, Responsibilities and Benefits

Travel Course Leaders:

  1. Must be full-time, tenure track faculty.
  2. Receive teaching credit for delivery of a full course unit.
  3. Have responsibility for organization, course content, and instruction.
  4. Receive all reasonable and necessary travel expenses including air, sea, or land transportation from Bloomington (similar to students) and accommodations (similar to students).
  5. Receive up to $30 per day food allowance (submit receipts). The allowance is not intended to cover the entire cost of meals, but estimated to bring actual costs in line with costs in Bloomington that would have been incurred in any case. The food allowance is not a benefit provided by IWU, but must be budgeted as part of the student paid course fees.
  6. Are responsible for additional expenses beyond those deemed reasonable and necessary (e.g., entertainment, additional meal expenses, etc.).
  7. Must submit materials to May Term Office by published deadlines. Refer to Timeline and Checklis
  8. Must attend May Term training workshops for travel courses:

Application Process Meeting - Late September

Budget Meeting - Early April

Mandatory Pre-Departure Meeting

Travel Course Assistants:

  1. Are required for international travel courses; may be approved for domestic travel course if enrollment warrants.
  2. Must be over 25.
  3. Must be ready, willing, and able to assist course leader in all aspects of planning, arranging, expediting, and managing the course.
  4. Must be competent to assume field leadership of the group in an emergency.
  5. Are selected by the travel course leader, in consultation with the Associate Dean of Curriculum, approved by the Provost.
  6. Are not primarily responsible for course content or instruction and, therefore, will not receive teaching credit for delivery of a full or partial course unit.
  7. Must be supportive of course objectives and able to work well with course leader. Therefore, first consideration to be an assistant will go to IWU faculty members, and first among those are ones for whom the trip represents a significant faculty development opportunity. In some circumstances, this criterion might be outweighed by the desire to provide an experienced assistant for a relatively less experienced leader. Second consideration will go to persons who can, by virtue of their background, enhance the students' experiences on the trip.
  8. Will receive the same travel benefits as the course leader if course enrollment justifies it. A faculty member who serves as an assistant on such trips, whose reasonable and necessary expenses are not covered by course enrollment, and who has been selected as an assistant because of the faculty development opportunity, may apply to the Provost for travel support in an amount up to $2,000. Applications to the Provost for this support must include a complete explanation of the faculty development benefits expected from the trip and a letter of recommendation from the Associate Dean of Curriculum.
  9. Are responsible for any personal expenses beyond those deemed reasonable and necessary.
Approved by the Associate Dean of the Faculty (January 28, 2004)