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Annotated bibliography for online teaching by Patricia McGee

Quality Matters Rubric Standards for online teaching, 2011-13 edition 

Teaching with Technology: Tools and Strategies to Improve Student Learning, a special report from Faculty Focus

The Digital Campus 2012 The Chronicle of Higher Education


CETAL on-going initiatives related to teaching with technology:

  • BLAISE Consortium & Teagle Grant (May 2014) 

          Call for IWU Faculty Representatives

In 2013, six liberal arts institutions - Beloit, Lawrence, Augustana, Illinois Wesleyan, St. Norbert’s and Elmhurst, or BLAISE - established a consortium named BLAISE. The goal of BLAISE is to assist each other in shaping curriculum and pedagogies that reflect 21st-Century opportunities and needs, while underscoring our traditional liberal arts identities and values. The Teagle Foundation has awarded a $280,000 grant to four colleges in the consortium, including IWU, for creation of online learning modules to enhance student learning. For information on the grant, click here

For more information on this initiative please contact our Technology Fellow, Professor Diego Mendez-Carbajo.


  • Google Glass Initiative (May 2014).

The university recently received a donation of Google Glass through the Explorer program. CETAL has invited the university community to submit proposals for creative uses of Glass in teaching and learning, research, entrepreneurial initiatives and more. For more information on this initiative and awarded projects please contact Karen Schmidt.