Rubrics & Syllabi

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VALUE rubrics from AAC&U (16) click here 

Information Literacy VALUE rubric, click here 

Oral Communication VALUE rubric, click here 

Syllabus & Course Design 

What you should include in your syllabus, click here (from Carnegie Mellon) 

Course design pointers, click here  (from Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning @ Harvard)

Syllabus checklist, click here  (from Michael Reder, Teaching and Learning Center @ Connecticut College) 

The Syllabus (a PPT presentation by Kate Browne and Carmela Ferrad√°ns) nonorg 1/11/2016  click here 

A syllabus template, click here (this is just a sample syllabus for IWU)  

IWU Student Rights and Responsibilities: Policy and Regulations (includes statement on plagiarism), click here

IWU Faculty Responsibilities, Resources and Related Policies; course syllabi  (Faculty Handbook, Chapter V-9,3), click here

Sample Syllabi 

From Carnegie Mellon Fellows, click here 

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Writing Program teaching resources, click here 

IWU guidelines for assessing student learning, click here 

Liberal Education resources from AAC&U, click here