2016-18 Mellon Foundation Grant

2016-2018 Mellon Foundation Grant Engaging Tomorrow's Students Proposal


Team-Teaching Grant Call for Proposals  Next DEADLINE January 16th, 2017 
Team-Teaching Grant Cover Sheet

Exemplary proposals 

PSYC 376 Aggression and Violence-Profs. Kerr & Vicary
ENG/HIST Promised Lands: A Cultural and Literary History of the Great Migration
Hum 270: Narratives of War: Spain and Chile

Campus Teaching Fellows Call for Applications

Independent Undergraduate Research: Abigail Kerr, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Multimodal Literacies: Carmela Ferradans, Professor of Spanish. 

Oral Communication: Dani Snyder-Young, Associate Professor of Theater Arts.

Class-based Project Grants guidelines  DEADLINE February 15th, 2017

Class-based Project Grants cover letter