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2017 May Term Travel Courses 

  • Chemistry 240: From Beverages to Biofuels: Fermentation, distillation, and the ethanol industry
    • This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to the science and history of fermentation, distillation, biofuels, and the alcoholic beverage industry. Through a combination of on-campus and travel activities students will study the biochemistry of fermentation, the chemistry of distillation, quality control and flavor in the ethanol industry, the utility and challenges of ethanol as a motor fuel, the social history of brewing and distillation in the US, the role of women in these industries, and the rise and fall of prohibition. Students will present a final project on some scientific or social aspect of the ethanol industry. Students must be 21 years old by May 15, 2017 and have completed CHEM 201/202 and one of BIOL 101/102 or BIOL 107/108 or CHEM 311/312, all with grades of C- or better. The class will visit venues where alcoholic beverages are produced/served. Tasting activities are optional.  Led by Prof. Rebecca Roesner.  Cost of trip: $1806.
  • Environmental Studies 270/Political Science 270: environment Past, Present and Future: A Travel Course to England, Scotland and Wales (AV Gen Ed credit, ES major/minor elective)
    • This May Term Travel Course to England, Scotland, and Wales, provides a transatlantic perspective on environmental sustainability. In it, we explore our attitudes and impacts on the environment, where they come from, and what to do to live sustainably. We begin in London, visiting the grand gardens and palaces of the British monarchy, head north to a Yorkshire coal mine, and proceed to the Scottish highlands for a week at Aigas Field Study Centre; here past and present merge, as we explore contemporary environmental policy and restoration work through field study. We go next to the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales, where we measure our personal ecological footprint and learn about alternative technologies and social endeavors towards sustainability. The class wraps up in London, exploring the city's environmental policies, green architecture,and NGO activism, and considering what effects Britain's exit from the EU may have on sustainability. Led by Professor Abigail Jahiel. Cost of trip: $5465.
  • Greek and Roman Studies 307/Art 307: The Art and Archaeology of Greek Myth (ART Gen Ed credit)
    • Myths and rituals constitute the religion of ancient Greece, and are expressed art, monuments, and in writing. The culture, ideas, and values imparted through the varied expressions of Greek myths influenced Western thought in a profound and lasting way. In this course we will study the intimate relationship between myth, art history, and culture of ancient Greece. Led by Prof. Nancy Sultan. Cost of trip: $4635.
  • Humanities 270/Spanish 305: "Andalucía: A Merging of Tradition and Modernity" (ART Gen Ed credit)
    • In this May Term travel seminar to the South of Spain, we will explore the interplay of tradition and modernity that is at the core of the works of writer Federico García Lorca and musician Manuel De Falla. We will study specific art expressions deeply rooted in the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Andalucía, such as some forms of flamenco music and classic Arab poetry. Co-led by Profs. Carmela Ferradans and Adriana Ponce. Cost of trip: $4500.

 2016 May Term Photo Contest: Congratulations to the following students! (photos to be displayed Sept. 22)

  • Yolanda Juarez '17, for her photo Emma Goldman, Suffragette , winner of the 2016 May Term Photo Contest in the Annual Theme "Nations/Divided" Category.
  • Summer Stitt '18, for her photo Sugar Grove Nature Center , winner of the 2016 May Term Photo Contest in the Local Category.   
  • Jade Molln '18, for her photo Quick Snack Break! , winner of the 2016 May Term Photo Contest in the Travel Category. 

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