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Travel Course Payments

- $500 Deposit Due 1-11-19

- Final Balance Due 2-15-19

Financial Aid for May Term Travel:

If you are planning on applying for loans to assist with your payment, please apply for them now as the processing can take up to two weeks once all documents are completed. The two loan options available for May Term Travel are the Federal Parent PLUS Loan and the Parent or Student Private Loan.  Information about the two loans are included below. 
Federal Parent PLUS  Loan  - 7.595% fixed interest rate; 4.264% origination fee; deferment option on application where loan does not begin payment until 6 months after your student falls below half-time.
Parent or Student Private  Loan  - usually $0 origination fee; fixed or variable rates; several repayment  options ; based off of co-signer credit score.
If you have any questions regarding loans, please contact Allecia Correll in the Financial Aid Office at 309-556-1097.
*Please note: The deadline to apply for a May Term travel loan:  February 15, 2019

Approved May Term 2019 Travel Courses:

FIS 360:  Brexit  with Professors Jaime Peters and David Willis [London (7 days), Dublin (6 days)].  $5150.00

  • In 2017, British citizens narrowly voted to leave the European Union. This monumental decision will affect everyone on the British Isles – including the independent country of Ireland.  Two years later, the very messy divorce process is still underway.  We will explore the reasons that led to Brexit and what it means for the British and Irish governments, economies and citizens.  This travel course will take the students to the heart of London and Dublin to see the impact of this major change.  A typical day will include class in the morning, followed by site-seeing in the afternoon and free time in the evening.  Highlights include the Tower of London, Westminster Abby, the Harry Potter Studio Tour, the Book of Kells, and Dublin Castle. 

HLTH 310/NUR 390:     Transcultural Healthcare in Hawaii   with Professors Noel Kerr and Amy Funk. [Students visit three islands over 3-weeks; Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii (The "Big Island").]   $5696.00

  • Travel to the state of Hawaii provides IWU students with a rich opportunity for transcultural study.  While visiting the island of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii (the "Big Island"), students will focus on the historical, geographical, political and cultural factors influencing health and health care delivery for Native Hawaiians, and the majority of the islands' populace, which consists of immigrants or descendants from Pacific Islander-Asian backgrounds.  This course provides students the means with which to develop the awareness needed to identify and meet the healthcare needs of persons from varied cultural backgrounds, and to explore/discuss healthcare delivery concerns through site visits to hospitals and meetings with traditional healthcare providers and those trained in complementary/alternative healthcare modalities. Small group projects allow students to visit and learn from a provider who practices a complementary/alternative ("non-Westernized") healthcare modality (such as massage, acupuncture, or aromatherapy) and then report on what they learned about that modality to the larger group.