The Mellon Center 
Located on the third floor of the Center for Liberal Arts, The Mellon Center houses the Writing Program.
The Mellon Center
Mellon Center programs encourage reflective discourse. 
Muirhead in class
The Mellon Center 
Mellon Center activities and programs support curricular and faculty development. 
Professor Will Jaeckle
The Mellon Center 
Mellon Center programs foster collaboration between faculty and students.


Contact Information

The Mellon Center

Center for Liberal Arts, 3rd Floor
205 Beecher St.
Bloomington, IL 61702
Main Desk: (309) 556-3760
Fax: (309) 556-3408

The Andrew W. Mellon Center for Curricular and Faculty Development is designed to enhance academic excellence throughout the IWU campus.  Its resources offer support to the campus faculty as they pursue their work as teachers, scholars and curricular innovators.  Mellon Center programs encourage reflective discourse and the sharing of views and experiences among faculty, as they relate to issues involving the theory and practice of teaching, course development, academic program design, and scholarly inquiry. 

The Associate Dean of Curricular and Faculty Development (AD) holds administrative responsibility for coordinating the University general education program, May Term, and university-wide writing programs.  The AD is deeply involved in all university initiatives concerned with enhancing the strategic assessment, planning and development of curriculum. Because the activities and programs involving faculty development and curricular innovation are inextricably linked, the Associate Dean provides faculty with multiple levels of support for professional development and programmatic curricular innovation and administers travel and internal grants involving scholarly activity and curricular development, programs, and faculty leaves.

Created in 2013, the Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETAL) replaces the Mellon Center Advisory Committee and absorbs the teaching and learning functions of the now dismantled Teaching and Learning Round Table (TLTR). The central mission of the CETAL is to support teaching and learning at IWU by fostering pedagogical development of IWU faculty. The council advises the Associate Dean on matters related to teaching and learning and is key in coordinating pedagogical initiatives with other bodies such as Curriculum Council (CC), Faculty Development Committee (FDC), the Writing Program, the Assessment Committee, and the Council on University Programs and Policies (CUPP). 

The Mellon Center for Curricular and Faculty Development was established in 1995 with a Mellon Foundation Presidential Discretionary Grant secured by Minor Myers Jr., the 17th president of Illinois Wesleyan University.