Mathematics Explore Your World

A Solid Foundation

The mathematics students at Illinois Wesleyan University develop critical-thinking and analytical skills, enabling them to tackle some of the toughest real-world problems. In our program, you will learn to effectively communicate ideas in both written and verbal form. Major employers say the primary qualities they seek are strong communication skills and an ability to work in teams. Our close-knit mathematics community of students and professors encourages you to develop those skills in a positive learning environment. The math program works well with other departments and programs on campus, such as teacher certification and 3-2 dual-degree pre-engineering.

Opportunities to Explore

First Year & Signature Experiences

Start your journey with Analytical Titans - a program for analytically-minded first-year students. Then cap your degree with the Signature Experience - a transition into post graduation.

Math Immersion

The Math Immersion program is a sequence of four courses Math majors take each spring.

Student Organizations

Student organizations are a great way to meet students with similar interests as yourself.


At IWU we have a dynamic group of students, as well as a faculty with diverse research expertise. This combination leads to many different opportunities for students to engage in independent research projects.

Internships & Careers

The future is bright for those who graduate with a degree in mathematics. Mathematics graduates can pursue diverse career paths, including high-tech industries, many areas of business, the medical sciences, communications, or education.


Math students at IWU can attend lectures through the Beling Lecture Series, attend department cook-outs, practice and take the Putnam Exam - one of the most challenging exams in the world, and compete in a regional team-based math contest called The MATH Challenge.