Titan Analytics

A first-year experience program for those interested in using analytical methods to solve complex problems.  Throughout their first year, students in this program take a Gateway course in the fall, as well as work for the interdisciplinary consulting firm Titan Analytics which is housed in the Math department.

2019-20 topic: The US Food System

Epiphany Farms visit

USDA visit
Learn from scientists.
 Our USDA national lab visit.
cookout pic
Do math outside.
 Our kickoff cookout.
West Market Street Plaza
Help the community.
 Goal: help put a grocery in food desert.

Part of a 3-course cluster:

A panel of students from Ethical Dilemmas in Environmental Politics.
  • Gateway: Analytical Titans
  • MATH 400: Mathematical Modeling
  • PSCI/ENST 365: Ethical Dilemmas in Environmental Politics