The Ames Library The Ames Library

After a two-year construction period, The Ames Library was opened in January 2002.The $25.7 million facility is seen as a significant symbol of Illinois Wesleyan's achievements and aspirations. With five levels and 103,000-square feet of space, the building is grand and imposing on the outside but warm, spacious and inviting within.

The library exists as a place for interaction, collaboration, consultation, study and reflection. Thus it mixes a variety of spaces-group-study rooms, individual study carrels, comfortable chairs and couches, project rooms with technology to develop multi-media classroom presentations, scholarly workstations and an Information Commons. The collection is organized by topic, with books, journals, videos and electronic sources arranged together to give researchers easy access to information.

The library is named in honor of B. Charles Ames, '50 and Joyce Eichhorn Ames, '49 and designed by Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott of Boston. Special spaces within the building include the Bates & Merwin Reading Room, Beckman Auditorium, John Wesley Powell Rotunda, Thorpe Music & Media Center, Tate Archives & Special Collections, along with stained glass windows from Pembroke College, Oxford.

"It is no exaggeration to say that the faculty of Illinois Wesleyan regards the building of a new library as the final, and finest, achievement of our evolution into a distinctive national liberal arts college."  - Robert Bray, the R. Forrest Colwell Professor of English

(1 Ames Plaza East)

The Ames library is an accessible building. The main entrance is accessible from the ramp on the North side of the building. All floors are accessible from the central building elevator.

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