Undecided Major Open to Opportunities

It's Okay to Not Know

Exploration is one of the hallmarks of the Illinois Wesleyan experience. We embrace students who "don't know yet" what they want to major in when they get to college. In fact, don't tell anyone, but curious, diversely talented students interested in multiple fields, who want to explore their interests, discover new ones, and chart their own path are our favorites.

Our "breakthrough" combination of a top-ranked liberal arts curriculum paired with nationally recognized pre-professional programs makes Illinois Wesleyan the perfect place for those who haven't decided a major.

We're Here to Help

Academic Advising Center

Explore various majors, get academic help, and utilize the resources in the Academic Advising Center.

Hart Career Center

Make an appointment for career counseling! When you meet with a career counselor, you'll take strengths and personality inventories and dig deeper into where your strengths line up with your interests.

Student Organizations

With 150+ student organizations, and many associated with a particular field of study, there's plenty of ways to get involved! Attend a meeting, explore your interests, ask questions and see if one leads to a potential major and career path.

In the Classroom

Explore majors and take courses that interest you. Talk to professors and advisors about programs and majors related to topics that interest you.

Intern, Research, Volunteer

Search for an internship or a volunteer or research opportunity that lines up with your interests. Sometimes a practical, hands-on partnership with a community agency or organization can help bring insight as you explore your options!

Next Steps

Once you make a decision on a major, don't forget to tell the university! Visit the Registrar's Office and complete a Change of Major form.