Pre-Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals who assist individuals of all ages to carry out their needed activities and occupations during the day. 

Students at Illinois Wesleyan who are interested in occupational therapy choose a major in their primary field of interest while also working to complete courses required by occupational therapy graduate programs. Many majors are suitable, although psychology is an especially good choice because of the overlap between the psychology major’s requirements and the course prerequisites for many occupational therapy programs.

Illinois Wesleyan students are regularly accepted into some of the top OT programs in the country. Pre-OT students at IWU benefit from the University’s rigorous science education, excellent internship opportunities and vibrant liberal arts education — all of which combine to help students develop intellectual, interpersonal, and personal qualities essential to their success as future OT professionals.

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Linda Kunce

Dr. Linda Kunce,
pre-occupational therapy advisor

Have questions? Contact Linda via email or phone 309-556-3663.

Sample Curriculum


Your faculty advisor will work with you to match appropriate electives with the career of your choice.