Derrick Rohl '12
Derrick Rohl '12 (right) stands in front of the 3.6-m telescope at the La Silla Observatory, Chile. Read his blog from the research trip.
Physics Major


Physicists study the patterns and connections among the fundamental forces of nature and develop simple and contemporary explanations for complex natural phenomena. Undergraduate physics majors prepare by studying the fundamentals: motion (from Newton’s gravity to Einstein’s relativity), electromagnetism (from Maxwell’s electrodynamics to contemporary coherent optics), quantum mechanics, and statistical physics. Laboratory experiences support and enhance theoretical coursework at every opportunity.

The student-faculty relationship is the most important element of undergraduate education. Learning at Illinois Wesleyan is enhanced by the individualized instruction and attention students receive from our faculty. Faculty members work closely with students answering questions in and out of class, acting as mentors and academic advisors, and collaborating with students on independent study or directed study projects. All IWU physics faculty hold doctorates in the field and maintain on-going research programs in contemporary areas of physics.

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Sample Four-Year Curriculum

This is just an example four-year plan; your actual schedule can/will deviate from this sample. Your faculty advisor will work with you to match appropriate courses with your interests.

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