French & Francophone Studies
 Associate Professor of French & Italian Scott Sheridan takes on students in a game of bocce ball.
French & Francophone Studies Major


The French & Francophone Studies program at Illinois Wesleyan University offers a variety of courses in French language, French and Francophone civilization, culture and literature, as well as French cinema and French business.

Our students have gone on to careers in a wide range of areas from international business and finance to teaching, and to graduate study both in the U.S. and abroad, as well as serving in the Peace Corps and doing Fulbright work.

Students majoring in French & Francophone Studies must complete a minimum of one semester abroad. Many have found their study abroad experiences provide an “extra edge” in finding employment or graduate school placement.

Jim Matthews

Dr. Jim Matthews

Curious about your French & Francophone studies professors? Learn more about our distinguished French & Francophone studies faculty.

Sample Four-Year Curriculum

This is just an example four-year plan; your actual schedule can/will deviate from this sample. Your faculty advisor will work with you to match appropriate courses with your interests.

Fall Semester

  • 300 or 400 level elective (499 for seniors pursuing Research Honors)
  • General Education Course
  • Elective or Course for Second Major or Minor

Spring Semester

May Term


*Depending on their placement and/or AP exams (if applicable), FFS majors may begin the major sequence at different levels. Most students place into 201 or 203, and a few place lower (102) or higher (301/302), which is not a problem.

**Traditionally, students choose to study abroad the second semester of their junior year. However, depending on their skills and their level of preparedness, students may choose to complete the required semester of study abroad in their 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th semester at IWU. Students with double majors often schedule their study abroad according to the sequencing of the courses of their second major. For instance, a double major in Educational Studies should study abroad in spring of her/his sophomore year, whereas a double major in Business may find it more convenient to wait until fall semester of the senior year.

Once enrolled, all students will have a degree evaluation tool available to them on MyIWU. This will help you determine what courses are required to graduate on time.