Costa Rica May Term Trip
Today’s class? Researching ants in a tropical dry forest during a May Term travel course to Costa Rica.
Environmental Studies Major


Environmental Studies (ES) examines issues that arise from the interaction of human beings with the natural world.

At Illinois Wesleyan, our ES Program is designed to educate a new generation of students who are committed to advancing environmental sustainability, both locally and globally.

Our majors acquire a solid foundation in the scientific causes of today’s environmental challenges, the institutions - cultural, political, economic - through which to tackle them, and “real world” experience doing so.

We offer four unique ways to complete the ES major.

Our students are passionate about their field of study. They take advantage of study abroad opportunities, internships,and research with faculty, and they are active in campus sustainability efforts. Our graduates go on to work in a variety of careers, and often pursue graduate study in specialty fields.


Sample Four-Year Curriculums

Environmental Studies Team

Environmental Studies Team

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