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Amanda Knezovich, class of 2013, is now an elementary school teacher in Gurnee, Ill.
Educational Studies Major


The Educational Studies Department is committed to helping those of you who are interested in becoming teachers, working with children and families in a variety of settings and occupations, or who simply wish to study educational issues in depth.

Our aim is to help you pursue your commitment to social justice in creative and productive ways, ways that will enhance your abilities as future teacher-scholars and child advocates. This means working to allow children to engage in meaningful learning, regardless of their ethnicity, social and economic class standing, culture, language, gender, or ability.

If you want to become a teacher, you will be able to work within the Department’s Teacher Education Program to pursue that aim, and if you are successful, you can be licensed to teach in these teacher licensure programs. If you want to positively influence children’s lives outside of the classroom environment, you can pursue a non-licensure interdisciplinary Educational Studies major or minor.


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Irv Epstein

Dr. Irv Epstein

Curious about your Educational Studies professors? Learn more about our distinguished Educational Studies faculty.

Sample Four-Year Curriculum

Below are three examples of 4 year plans one might wish to pursue as an Elementary Education major; a Math major/Secondary Education major, or an interdisciplinary non-licensure Educational Studies major. Your actual schedule can/will deviate from this sample, and your faculty advisor will work with you to match appropriate courses with your interests.

Once enrolled, all students will have a degree evaluation tool available to them on MyIWU. This will help you determine what courses are required to graduate on time.