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Veronica Angeles '11 (right) discusses her John Wesley Powell Research Conference project with Prof. Melinda Bauer.
Chemistry Major


At Illinois Wesleyan, our professors work closely with students in and outside of class, in the laboratory, and in collaborative research.

Chemistry students gain frequent, hands-on experience with research-grade instrumentation.

Our students frequently participate in paid summer research experiences at IWU, at large university research centers, at private corporations, and in government laboratories such as Argonne National Laboratory or the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research.

Because they have the ability to talk in detail about the research they have done as undergraduates, our students have a distinct edge when seeking admission to graduate schools or positions with industrial research firms.

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Curious about your chemistry professors? Learn more about our distinguished chemistry faculty.

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This is just an example four-year plan; your actual schedule can/will deviate from this sample. Your faculty advisor will work with you to match appropriate courses with your interests.

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