Reserve a Book

How do I place a request? Fill out the form below. You may enter up to three items per course before having to retype your instructor/course information again. A separate form should be used for each different course.
If you wish to submit the form with your materials please fill out and print otherwise press the submit button at the bottom of the page after completing.
How long does it take? We check for requests periodically throughout the day. Depending upon the request, it can take 3-4 days to process. Please contact Amy Sutter at 556-3728 if you have any special requests or concerns about the time frame. If the material is not available we will contact you.
Enclose a reading list or syllabus? This is especially important when submitting requests for electronic reserve material. It can be sent via campus mail, hand-delivered, or sent as an email attachment.

Please check the accuracy of all information before you submit this request. Fields tagged with * must be completed to submit the request.

If you are having any difficulties submitting your request, please call Katy Ritter at 556-31728.