Electronic Reserves

E-reserves can be any material formatted for online access via Moodle. Materials on e-reserve can include text, audio, video, and links to online content. Permalinks to journal articles available through many library databases can also be created for posting in Moodle. E-reserves are accessible from anywhere there is online access, and open only to the instructor and students enrolled in the class. Reserves and Digital Services can set up a Moodle page on request or the instructor can request ITS set up a page for their course.

We strongly encourage faculty to use Moodle Electronic Reserves (ereserves@iwu.edu) as much as possible this fall. Due to COVID19, we will need to quarantine print reserves materials after they are returned for at least 24 hours. This may require more scanning than is deemed “reasonable” in normal times. However, as stated in the Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research , “As long as we are being thoughtful in our analysis and limiting our activities to the specific needs of our patrons during this time of crisis, copyright law supports our uses. The fair use doctrine accommodates the flexibility required by our shared public health crisis, enabling society to function and progress while protecting human life and safety.” This includes our collective teaching and learning endeavors.

Guidelines for E-reserves

  • To request material for e-reserves, email a copy of a reading list or syllabus to reserves@iwu.edu. All requests must include complete citation information and page numbers.  
  • The library can locate, digitize, and upload material to Moodle or we can digitize the content and provide to the instructor for uploading. If given a syllabus we can organize material on Moodle so it reflects the organization and schedule on the syllabus.
  • To maintain fair use, no more than 20% of the total page number from a book, work of prose or play should be digitized. Small clips taken from films (10% or less of the total length) may be digitized for electronic access.
  • If material for e-reserve is not owned by the library, first time use is allowed. For future use of the same material the library will seek permission for use or contact your liaison librarian for purchase in order to be copyright compliant.

For additional information or any questions regarding electronic reserves, email Reserves and Digital Services or call (309) 556-3728.